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Jade legend
"Jade" is a popular gem, especially in China where it is more famous as a national treasure. The jade culture has a long historic timeline, from the Hongshan culture where a jade dragon totem was found recently from several millenniums before. Jades are Chinese historical facts recorded in the most ancient gem. Jade is said to be the most used and talked about in religious, political, artistic and personal integrity of many people’s daily lives. In the ancient times human beings utilized jade as palm sacrifice power, precious production of ceremonial vessels and to worship God and their ancestors. Many hope that jade’s unique texture, shape, pattern and symbols would result in the blessing of magic ancestors and the Gods who will grant wisdom upon people. Needless to say, jade in the eyes of Chinese people mean a lot and there are thousands of emotions to be felt when handling such a compelling treasure.

"Words are read gentleman, the temperature of its jade". Poetry • Qin Feng Rong

Types of Jade
Nowadays the world can touch on hundreds of jewelry classes of jade, such as Hotan (tian) Jade, Qinghai White Jade, Jasper, Russian and Canadian Jasper. Chinese people love the color of pure jade but North Americans enjoy the slightly flawed ones since they believe if the chromite spot on the jade is rather unique. International jades can be distinguished from the mineralogical point of view. "Jade" actually includes two different types of minerals: amphibolite jade nephrite (Mohs hardness 6-6.5), and Hui Yu Shi "jadeite (Mohs hardness of 6.5-7). Both of which are formed under high pressure and low temperature conditions, the infiltration of different elements in the process resulting in a different color.

The Origin of Jade
In today’s world, except for Xinjiang, there are only a few major places where jade could have originated from. As well, the largest nephrite veins are from Northern British Columbia, Canada. The annual exports of jade to Asia, Canada are up to more than three thousand tonne. In addition, the United States (California and Wyoming), New Zealand, Australia and Russia are some of the world’s most renowned nephrite origin.

Burma (now known as Myanmar) is also another main source of jade. Export from Burma to China, all the jade is known as “Burma Jade” where a large part of the small jewelry and carving of the factories help with the huge commercial profits and high value of jade.

Jade | 玉爱吾