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The origin of Jade Forever
The company's logo stems from the creativity of the company founder, "Jade", an official script-carved, teardrop-shaped and crystal clear jade with the back engraved "Love I". They supposed to depict the "I Love Jade "feelings on behalf of Jade Love. The shape of the logo is also shaped like the beak of the national bird of Canada, the Canadian goose. Our company originated from Canada where we began our jade industry. In addition, our brand of Chinese and Western cultures are crystallization of the art that describes how the following quotes translated from Chinese into English “love the world is eternal” and "Love I" means forever. They both explain how the world is made from love, it could successfully give birth to a small jade, which is beautiful and precious –hence why we use the Jade Forever as our original brand.

jade Vancouver Canada
Jade | 玉爱吾jade Vancouver Canada